Diamond Stud (1970)

An unworthy biopic about a subject nobody will care to get to know anyway, “Diamond Stud” feels like the slapped-together remnants of a much longer movie that potentially had a structure and point of view. Neither of those things are present in the movie they actually released.

I suppose they set out to make a movie about turn-of-the-century tycoon Diamond Jim Brady, a “two-bit, chiseling son of a bitch” who loved to gamble, loved to eat and loved to dip his toe into various entrepreneurial enterprises in the hopes it’d afford him the luxury of being that much more rich.

That paragraph gives “Diamond Stud” way more credit than it deserves, however, because if I were to grade the movie based on the “four C’s” used in grading gemstones, the thing “Diamond” indubitably lacks the most is clarity. I watched the film from beginning to end and still cannot relate to you what, pray tell, director Greg Corarito was fixing to assert about Diamond Jim, the real-life railroad magnate played here by Robert Hall (“Custer of the West”).

Here is the closest thing I can contend: Brady was surrounded by an unscrupulous lot of womanizers and lowlifes. His brother Pat was a pantywaist. His wife Sarah was a cheat. And the guy literally ate himself to death in the end.

“Diamond Stud” is so lifeless and carelessly presented that even the film’s multiple attempts to liven things up with gratuitous sex and nudity never take. In the end, only one thing becomes abundantly clear: “Diamond Stud” is 24 carats of crap.

Rated: X for sex scenes and nudity

Director: Greg Corarito

Starring: Robert Hall, John Alderman

★ (out of ★★★★)


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