Slaves of Love (1969)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest the slapdash “Slaves of Love” was scripted by a couple of teenage boys.

It certainly feels like the sort of high-concept sleaze a horny adolescent would dream up: two dudes are flying over uncharted territory when their plane is brought down by six buxom, gun-toting Playboy models in leather mini-dresses so short they fail to cover the bottom half of their butt cheeks. Their objective? Press the men into their own brand of sex slavery, but not before stopping off for an impromptu skinny dip that easily eats up 10 minutes of screen time.

“Slaves of Love” is less a movie than a series of titillating vignettes in which the girls seductively dance or do stripteases for our “hapless” heroes Joe and Troy, and if you find yourself compelled by the lasciviousness of the men’s situation, you should know these vignettes drone far beyond the point where it’s no longer sexy or amusing.

The movie gradually becomes an endurance test for anyone who holds out long enough to determine whether Joe and Troy’s libidos can withstand the pressure and make their way back to civilization. An example: Joe is making it with one of the women while Troy is being whipped in the next room. 18 word sentence, 15 minute sequence.

The only silver lining to the tedious “Slaves of Love” is that the filmmakers have cast their movie well — all six actresses on the island are genuine lookers with the sort of unrealistic cup sizes teenage boys drool over. Hate to break it to you, Joe and Troy, but we should all be so lucky.

Rated: X for sex and violence

Director: Charles Nizet

Starring: Peter Owen, Lloyd Davish

★ (out of ★★★★)


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