Follow along as I watch and review every single movie from the 1980s!

Below you will find an alphabetical list of every movie released in the year that started one of the most iconized — and pedestalized — decades in the history of film, 1980.

Check back for links to individualized reviews as time marches on.

Adventures of Picasso, The




Almost Human

Altered States

American Gigolo

Angi Vera

Animal High

Any Which Way You Can

Apple, The

Arabian Nights


Autumn Marathon

Avenging Eagle, The

Awakening, The

Bad Timing/A Sensual Obsession

Baltimore Bullet, The

Banana Monster


Battle Beyond the Stars

Bear Island

Below the Belt

Best Boy

Beyond Evil

Beyond the Fog

Beyond the Gate

Big Brawl, The

Big Red One, The

Black & Blue

Black Belt Angels

Black Cobra

Black Marble, The

Blade of Fury

Blood Feud

Bloodeaters: Butchers of the Damned

Bloody Avengers, The

Blue Lagoon, The

Blues Brothers, The

Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don’t Come Back!)

Boogey Man, The


Boss’ Son, The

Breaker Morant


Bronco Billy


Bruce Is Loose

Bruce Lee — His Last Days, His Last Nights

Bruce Lee’s Dragon Fights Back

Bruce’s Deadly Fingers

Buddha Assassinator, The

Bushido Blade, The

Bye Bye Brazil



Can’t Stop the Music


Cathy’s Curse

Challenge of the Masters

Challenge of the Ninja

Change of Seasons, A

Changeling, The

Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, The

Charles and Lucie

Cheaper to Keep Her

Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie

Children of Babylon

Children, The

Clair de Femme

Claws of the Crazy Dragon

Clones of Bruce Lee, The

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Special Edition

Close Shave

Cloud Dancer

Coal Miner’s Daughter

Coast to Coast

Coed Murders, The

Competition, The

Coup de Tete (Hothead)


Day Time Ended, The

Deadly Kick

Death Promise

Death Ship



Devil’s Playground, The

Devil’s Three

Die Laughing

Dinner for Adele

Dirty Ho

Distant Cry From Spring, A

Divine Madness

Don’t Answer the Phone

Don’t Go in the House

Dragon on Fire

Dragon vs. Dracula

Dragon vs. Needles of Death

Dragon’s Twin Brother

Dressed to Kill



Eerie Midnight Horror Show


18 Bronzemen, The

18 Kung Fu Riders

Elephant Man, The

Emanuelle Around the World

Empire of Passion

Empire Strikes Back, The

Enter the Fat Dragon

Eruption of Mount St. Helens, The

Every Man for Himself

Exterminator, The

Fade to Black

Falling in Love Again




Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu, The

Fifth Floor, The

Final Countdown, The

Finger of Iron

First Deadly Sin, The

First Family

Fist of Fear, Touch of Death

Fists for Revenge

Fists of the White Lotus

Flash Gordon

Fog, The

Foolin’ Around

Forbidden Zone

Formula, The


Friday the 13th

From the Life of the Marionettes

Full Day’s Work, A

Fun Girls


Gates of Heaven

Get Rollin’

Getting of Wisdom, The

Ghost of Lee Returns

Gilda Live


Godsend, The


Gong Show Movie, The

Goodbye Emmanuelle


Guns, Sin and Bathtub Gin

Guyana — Cult of the Damned

Hangar 18

Happy Birthday Gemini

Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood, The

Hard Way to Die, A

He Knows You’re Alone

Headin’ for Broadway


Hearse, The

Heart Beat

Heaven’s Gate

Heaven’s Heroes

Herbie Goes Bananas

Hero at Large

Hey, There’s Naked Bodies on My TV!

Hide in Plain Sight

Hog Wild

Hollywood Knights, The

Home Movies

Honeysuckle Rose

Honky Tonk Nights


Hot T-Shirts

Hot to Trot


How to Beat the High Cost of Living

How to Score With Girls

Hullabaloo Over Georgie and Bonnie’s Pictures

Humanoids From the Deep

Hunter in the Dark

Hunter, The

I Go Pogo

I Spit on Your Grave

Idolmaker, The

Image of Bruce Lee

Immortal Bachelor, The

In a Year With 13 Moons

In God We Tru$t


Inside Moves

Invincible Kung Fu Legs, The

Island, The

It’s My Turn

Jazz Singer, The

Joe and Maxi

Just Tell Me What You Want

Kagemusha, the Shadow Warrior

Karate Warriors


Kid With the Golden Arm, The

Kidnapping of the President, The

Kill Castro

Kill or Be Killed

Klondike Fever

Knife in the Head

Kung Fu of the 8 Drunkards

Last Flight of Noah’s Ark, The

Last Married Couple in America, The

Last of the Blue Devils, The

Last Rites

Last Romantic Lover, The

Last Word, The

Left-Handed Woman, The

Legend of the Wild

Leo and Loree

Les Petites Fugues

Little Darlings

Little Dragons, The

Little Miss Marker

Living Legend

Long Riders, The

Loose Shoes

Lost Kung Fu Secrets, The


Loving Couples

Mad Max

Make Room for Tomorrow

Marriage Jewish Style

Melvin and Howard

Middle Age Crazy

Midnight Madness

Mirror Crack’d, The

Mon Oncle d’Amerique


Motel Hell

Mother’s Day

Mountain Men, The

My Bodyguard

My Brilliant Career

Naked Killers, The

Neil Simon’s Seems Like Old Times

New Year’s Evil

Night Games

Night of the Juggler

Night of the Walking Dead, The


Nine to Five

Ninth Configuration, The

No Nukes

Nothing Personal

Nude Bomb, The

Octagon, The

Oh Heavenly Dog

Oh, God! Book II

On the Nickel

One More Minute

One Wild Moment

One-Trick Pony

Ordinary People

Our Hitler

Outsider, The

Pacific High

Planet of Dinosaurs


Portrait of Teresa

Possessor, The

Practice Makes Perfect

Private Benjamin

Private Eyes, The

Prom Night

Rage of the Dragon

Raging Bull

Raise the Titanic

Reggae Sunsplash


Return of the Secaucus 7

Return of the Tiger

Revenge of the Bushido Blade

Revenge of the Patriots




Rough Cut

Ruckus in Madoc County

Rude Boy

Runnin’ After Love

Sam Marlow, Private Eye

Saturn 3

Savage Weekend



Seeds of Evil


She’s 19 and Ready

Shining, The

Shogun Assassin


Sin, The

Sir Henry at Rawlinson End

Sitting Ducks

Small Circle of Friends, A

Smokey and the Bandit II

Snake Shadow, Llama Fist

Somewhere in Time

Sophomore Sensations


Space Movie, The

Spaced Out

Squeeze, The

Stardust Memories


Stir Crazy

Stone Cold Dead

Strange Masquerade

Street Law

Stuckey’s Last Stand

Stunt Man, The

Stunt Rock

Suicide Cult

Summer Showers

Sunday Daughters


Surfer Girls, The

Survival Run

Take It to the Limit

Tales From the Crypt II

Target of an Assassin

Tattoo Connection, The

Tell Me a Riddle

Tempest, The

Tempting Roommates

10 Tigers of Kwangtung

Terror Train


There Goes the Bride

39 Steps, The

Those Lips, Those Eyes

Three Avengers, The

Three Undelivered Letters, The

Times Square

Tin Drum, The

To All a Goodnight

Today Is for the Championship

Tom Horn

Touched by Love

Trials of Alger Hiss, The


Twice a Woman

Union City

Up the Academy

Urban Cowboy

Used Cars

Vampire Playgirls

Velvet Smooth

War at Home, The

Warrior Within, The

Watcher in the Woods, The

When Time Ran Out…

Where the Buffalo Roam

Wholly Moses

Why Shoot the Teacher

Why Would I Lie?

Willie & Phil



Wise Blood

Without Warning

Worlds Apart


You Are Not Alone


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