About 80s Redux

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been obsessed with nostalgia. Ever since I was much younger, I have been obsessed with movies.

It wasn’t until I was much older, however, that I decided I wanted to do something involving both. And, to be honest, I’ve put it off about 20 years longer than I wanted to.

One of the ideas I always had was to watch and review and entire decade’s worth of movies. What once sounded quite daunting has become less so, courtesy of two factions of movie-lovers who have proven it can be done — Peter Hanson recently completed his Every70sMovie blog, and Drew McWeeny and Scott Weinberg are killing it with their 80s All Over podcast.

As much as I adore both, I still wanted to take a stab at my own “every film of the decade” project and, truth be told, the 1950s and ’60s are simply not as accessible as one would hope, and the 1990s are, quite simply, too boring. So I decided to put my own spin on either the 1970s or 80s and, well, as luck would have it, the 1980s won. Why? Because most of my nostalgia is from the 1980s. I was born four months into the decade (April 8, to be exact) and grew up surrounded by Cabbage Patch Dolls, Saturday morning cartoons, Ronald Reagan and MTV music videos. 

I have already done the research, and it would appear as though nearly 4,000 movies were released in the United States from 1980-1989. That’s a lot! But it sounds like fun nevertheless. My intention is to review and post each review on the corresponding day it was released in the 1980s.

That’s 10 years of film, watched and reviewed in real time. Can it be done? Here’s hoping.

For a collection of all of my reviews, 1980s or otherwise, check me out at JesseHoheisel.com or on my Letterboxd. Bookmark! Follow! Tweet me @jessehoheisel! I’d love for this to be interactive. So pause the Atari, grab your Tab and let’s get watching!

See you in January 2020!

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