The Ballad of Orin (1977)

“The Ballad of Orin” is a very pretty, very tranquil, very boring film. Because the setting is Japan, there’s automatic, built-in prettiness on account of the lush, gorgeous cherry blossoms everywhere you look, and cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa, who also shot… Read More ›

Penitentiary (1979)

The boxing in “Penitentiary” is awkward, sloppy and raw, which is fitting because so is the filmmaking. Set in the brutal, rough-and-tumble milieu of a prison where almost everyone beats on everyone else, “Penitentiary” has all the elements of a… Read More ›

Passion Fever (1969)

If you happen upon “Passion Fever” and can’t quite put your finger on why it seems so off, there is actually a logical explanation for that. Ostensibly, it’s about Yorgos, a Greek pretty boy who declares early on that “the… Read More ›

Vixen! (1968)

Vixen, the title character of Russ Meyer’s kinky, X-rated comedy, has the heart of a lion, the body of a Greek goddess and the mouth of a sailor. As played by 21-year-old, full-figured fox Erica Gavin, Vixen lives in the Canadian bush… Read More ›

Diamond Stud (1970)

An unworthy biopic about a subject nobody will care to get to know anyway, “Diamond Stud” feels like the slapped-together remnants of a much longer movie that potentially had a structure and point of view. Neither of those things are… Read More ›