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  • Gizmo!

    There are moments in the documentary “Gizmo!” that are designed to make you say “Wow!” and there are others designed to make you say “What were they thinking?” but the number one thing I kept mulling through it all was… Read More ›

  • Angi Vera

    The Hungarian “Angi Vera” was a critical darling on the film festival circuit, but I can’t imagine the average occidental moviegoer finding much pleasure in this often cold and dreary drama. Set in communist Hungary circa 1948, the movie is… Read More ›

  • The Kill

    Based on the evidence that one scene in “The Kill” climaxes with the improbable sight of a bee scooting across the camera lens, I’m willing to bet director Gary Graver is not a fan of second takes. There is further… Read More ›

  • All the Loving Couples

    The promotional materials for “All the Loving Couples” suggest there are 7 million swinging couples in the world. Hey, who says progressivism is dead? “All the Loving Couples” is about eight such swingers, four suburban couples who gather on a… Read More ›

  • Robot Monster

    “Robot Monster” exists simply because someone who was in possession of a diver’s helmet and the better part of a gorilla costume thought to themselves, “I bet I can fashion a movie out of these.” The end result is no… Read More ›