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  • Dark Star (1974)

    I’m sure “Dark Star” is hilarious under the influence of controlled substances, but it’s a pretty dull affair for those of us who choose to watch it straight. “Dark Star,” an early 70s student film that was made for the… Read More ›

  • The Man Who Loved Bears (1979)

    Nature lover/environmentalist Marty Stouffer is the title character in “The Man Who Loved Bears.” About halfway through the film, I became The Man Who Kept Looking at His Watch. Directed by and starring the rugged Stouffer, “Bears” is about a… Read More ›

  • Oriental Vixen (1974)

    Forget the politically incorrect title. The real crime of “Oriental Vixen” is that the adult film’s cast doesn’t seem to know how to have sex. The stunningly lifeless “Oriental Vixen” exists in a weird gray area between hard- and soft-core… Read More ›

  • Night of the Juggler (1980)

    The title, “Night of the Juggler,” is a misnomer — most of “Night” takes place during the day, and the only things being juggled are a litany of clichés. The setup: James Brolin is a trucker whose daughter is accidentally kidnapped… Read More ›

  • The Real Dragon (1980)

    Bad dubbing. Cheesy violence. Over-the-top, mustache-twirling-style villainy. Enough quick zooms to warrant viewers pop Dramamine over popcorn. Yup, “The Real Dragon” is routine Bruceploitation at its finest. The genre is boiled down to its essence in “Real Dragon,” which has a… Read More ›

  • Windows (1980)

    “Why don’t you ever smile?” a character asks Talia Shire toward the end of the psychological thriller “Windows.” Hmm, let me think. Her marriage has just ended, she is sexually assaulted in the second scene of the movie, she can’t… Read More ›