Follow along as I watch and review every single movie from the 1970s!

Below you will find an alphabetical list of every movie released in the fifth year of one of the most revolutionary — and schizophrenic — decades in the history of film, 1974.

Check back for links to individualized reviews as time marches on.


Abdication, The

Abducted Bride, The

Act of Vengeance

Adulteress, The

Airport 1975

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Alvin Purple

Always a New Beginning


Amazing Grace

Amazing Mr. Blunden, The

Andy Warhol’s Dracula

Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein

Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, The

Around the World With Fanny Hill

Attack of the Kung Fu Girls

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes


Bamboo Gods and Iron Men

Bank Shot

Bat People, The

Bears and I, The

Beast Must Die, The

Beautiful People


Big Bad Mama

Billy Two Hats

Birth of a Legend

Black Belt

Black Belt Jones

Black Connection, The

Black Dragon, The

Black Eye

Black Frankenstein

Black Godfather, The

Black Hooker

Black Lolita

Black Samson

Black Socks

Black Starlet

Black Windmill, The

Blazing Saddles


Blood on the Sun


Boss Nigger

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Buster and Billie



Butterfly Affair, The

Caged Heat

California Split

Call of the Wild, The

Campus Pussycats

Candy Stripe Nurses

Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter

Castaway Cowboy, The

Catch My Soul

Centerfold Girls, The


Challenge to Be Free

Chariots of the Gods

Child Under a Leaf


Chinese Godfather, The

Chinese Mechanic, The

Chosen Survivors



Cold Sweat

Commuter Husbands

Computer Killers, The

Confessions of a Window Cleaner

Confessions of a Young American Housewife


Conversation, The

Country Hooker

Crazy Joe

Crazy World of Julius Vrooder, The

Crime Boss

Daisy Miller

Dark Places

Darwin Adventure, The

Daughters, Daughters

Dead of Night

Deadly Weapons

Death Wish

Deathhead Virgin, The

Deep Throat Part II

Demons, The


Destructors, The

Devil and Leroy Bassett, The

Devil’s Triangle, The

Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry

Dirty O’Neil

Divine Mr. J, The


Don’t Hang Up

Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something!

Don’t Turn the Other Cheek

Dove, The

Dr. Carstair’s 1869 Love-Root Elixir

Dragon Dies Hard, The

Dragon Fist

Dragon Lady

Dragon Squad, The

Dynamite Brothers


Education of Sonny Carson, The

11 Harrowhouse


Erotic Dreams

Escape to Nowhere

Escort Girls

Evil Come, Evil Go

Exorcism’s Daughter

Face to the Wind

Father Jack Leg

Flesh Gordon

For Pete’s Sake

Forced to Fight

Foxy Brown

Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell

Free Woman, A

Freebie and the Bean


From China With Death

Front Page, The

Fugitive Girls

Gambler, The

Gardener, The

Ginger in the Morning

Girl From Petrovka, The

Girls for Rent

Girls in Trouble

Girls Who Do, The

Godfather Part II, The

Going Places


Golden Needles

Golden Voyage of Sinbad, The

Gone in 60 Seconds

Good to See You, Alice Cooper

Goodnight, Jackie


Grand Duel, The

Gravy Train, The

Great American Cowboy, The

Great Gatsby, The

Great Lester Boggs, The

Great Masquerade, The

Green Hornet, The

Groove Tube, The

Hanging Woman, The


Happy Days

Harrad Summer

Harry & Tonto

Hearts and Minds

Heirs, The

Help Me … I’m Possessed

Herbie Rides Again

High School Fantasies

Hollywood Horror House

Holy Mountain, The


Honeybaby, Honeybaby

Hong Kong Connection, The

Hot Summer in Barefoot County

Hot Times

House of 1000 Pleasures

House of Whipcord

House on Chelouche Street, The

House on Skull Mountain, The

House That Vanished, The

How Come Nobody’s on Our Side?

How to Play the Seduction Game

How to Seduce a Woman

Huckleberry Finn

Hungry Lips


Inside Amy

Internecine Project, The

Invasion From Inner Earth

Island at the Top of the World, The

It Happened One Weekend

It’s Alive

Italian Graffiti


Journey Back to Oz


Keep It Up, Jack

Killer on the Telephone

Killer Snakes, The

Klansman, The

Knife for the Ladies, A

Kung Fu: The Punch of Death

Lacombe, Lucien

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones

Last Days of Man on Earth

Last Detail, The

Last Porno Flick, The

Law and Disorder

Le Trio Infernal

Legacy of Satan

Legend of Blood Castle, The

Legend of Earl Durand, The

Legend of Spider Forest, The


Lenny Bruce: Performance Film

Les violons du bal


Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, The

Lisa, Lisa

Little Prince, The

Little Theater of Jean Renoir, The

Longest Yard, The

Lords of Flatbush, The

Lost in the Stars

Love & Anarchy

Love Mates, The

Lovin’ Molly

Loving in the Rain

Lucky Luciano


Macon County Line

Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob, The



Magical Mystery Tour

Malatesta’s Carnival of Blood


Mama’s Dirty Girls


Man of the East

Man on a Swing

Man With the Golden Gun, The

Mandarin Magician, The

Manhandlers, The

Mark of the Devil Part II

Master Touch, The


Memory of Us

Messiah of Evil

Midnight Man, The

Mixed Company

Models, The


Mother and the Whore, The

Mr. Majestyk

Mrs. Barrington

Murder Is a Murder … Is a Murder, A

Murder on the Orient Express

Mutations, The

My Name Is Nobody

My Pleasure Is My Business

Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo, The

Nada Gang, The

Naked General, The

Newman’s Law

Night of a Thousand Cats, The

Night Porter, The

Nightmare Honeymoon

Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat, The

99 and 44/100% Dead

Nothing But the Night

Odessa File, The

Once Upon a Scoundrel

Open Season

Our Time

Panorama Blue

Paperback Hero

Parallax View, The

Pardon My Blooper

Passion Pit, The

Paul and Michelle

Pedestrian, The


Phantom of Liberte, The

Phantom of the Paradise

Phase IV

Pig Sty

Pink Floyd

Pinocchio’s Birthday Party


Pretty Wet Lips

Prisoner in the Middle


Ragman’s Daughter, The

Reason to Live, a Reason to Die, A


Return of the Dragon

Revolt of the Dragon


Ride in a Pink Car

Ride to Ecstasy

Riding Tall

Road Movie

Road of Death

Rock n Roll Your Eyes


Savage Is Loose, The

Savage Sisters

Scenes From a Marriage

Schoolgirl Hitchhikers

Scum of the Earth

Secrets of Sweet Sixteen

Seduction of Mimi, The


Sensuous Assassin, The

Sensuous Doll, The

Seven Alone

Sex Thief, The

Shanghai Lil


Shiokari Pass

Shriek of the Mutilated

Sinful Dwarf, The

Slasher … Is the Sex Maniac!, The

Slick Silver and Co.

Slime Town Blues

So Evil, My Sister

Solomon King

Son of Dracula

Space Is the Place

Spectre of Edgar Allen Poe, The

Spikes Gang, The


Steel Edge of Revenge, The


Sting of the Dragon Masters

Stoolie, The

Straight on Till Morning

Street Fighter, The

Street Gangs of Hong Kong

Sugar Hill

Sugarland Express, The

Summer Run

Sunday in the Country

Super Cops, The

Super Spook

Super Stooges vs. the Wonder Women

Svengali the Magician

Swedish Swingers

Swinging Cheerleaders, The

Swinging Ski Girls

Switch or How to Alter Your Ego, The

Sword of Justice III

Sword of Vengeance Part V

Take, The

Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The

Tall Fishing Tales

Tamarind Seed, The

Teach Me

Teacher, The

Teenage Bride

Teenage Groupie

Teenage Hitchhikers

Tender Loving Care

Terminal Man, The

Terror Circus

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The

That’ll Be the Day

That’s Entertainment!

They Call Her One-Eye

Thieves Like Us

Thirsty Dead, The

Thomasine & Bushrod

Those Dirty Dogs

Three for the Money

Three Musketeers, The

Three Stooges Follies, The

Three the Hard Way

Three Tough Guys

Thunder County

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Tis Pity She’s a Whore

Together Brothers

Tongfather, The


Touch the Sky


Tower of Love

Towering Inferno, The

Treasure of Jamaica Reef, The

Trial of Billy Jack, The

Truck Stop Women

Truck Turner


Turkish Delight

Two Men of Karamoja

UFO: Target Earth

Ultimate Thrill, The

Up Pompeii

Uptown Saturday Night

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

Vampires’ Night Orgy, The

Very Natural Thing, A

Visit to a Chief’s Son

Voodoo Black Exorcist


Warlock Moon

Wedding in Blood

Welcome to Arrow Beach

When the North Wind Blows

When Women Lost Their Tails

Where the Lilies Bloom

Where the Red Fern Grows

White Dawn, The

White Salt and Sunshine

Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji

Wicker Man, The

Wipe Out

Woman Under the Influence, A

Wonder of It All

Working Girls, The

Wrestler, The

You and Me

Young Frankenstein

Young Playthings

Young Secretaries

Zandy’s Bride


Zatoichi at Large

Zebra Killer, The

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